About Risk Management

Although we're working on far wider range of risk-related topics and IT solutions, currently Evolet has only the following list or products and services, ready to be devised and implemented in any bank or sufficiently large microfinance institution:
  1. Operational risk management:

    This IT solution provides centralized process of operational risk-leading events collection, full cycle of their precise management and structuring in hierarchical mode. Along with that it constructs standardized sets of required actions for the purpose of loss reduction and prevention. Arranges data in the statistically usable format, which is essential for future improvement of initially devised model. In addition, it provides up-to-date monitoring and forecasting of operational risk.
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  2. Credit risk management (through Credit Scoring System):

    Amongst the real bundle of significant advantages, provided by the implementation of our Credit Scoring Environment, the core ones are:
    • Accurate assessment of client's creditworthiness (both retail and SME) upon application, which can increase the loan book keeping the risk level under control;
    • Objective statistics-based forecast of client's behavior;
    • Quantitative measurement for individual clients and credit rating assignment method - for large corporate clients;
    • Rapid automated assessment procedure, which saves the great deal of resources and time needed for underwriting and credit approval/rejection processes;
    • Structured data collection for future creation of enhanced statistical models;
    • Ability to perform on-the-fly model adjustments and overall advanced monitoring.
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    • We'd like to underline the following fact: it is highly important to start Credit Scoring Environment development process even in case there are serious gaps in your databases - our team will assess the overall quality of stored data, prepare detailed plan on reliable storage of needed data and perform the appropriate steps to set your database ready for storage of data that will be later used to develop reliable Credit Scoring System.
  3. Risk Parameters calculation:

    This category consists of our approaches and mostly ready-to-use IT solutions for PD, LGD and "good/bad loan" effective calculation, which are of highest importance for every single lender as they are being essentially used for forecasting and risk modeling needs. The most considerable is our approach for PD calculation via devising individual bank-adjusted statistical model, which provides the opportunity to compute this parameter at the highest possible precision level.
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