About Recovery-based Provision Management

RPM is IFRS-compliant easy-to-integrate IT solution, which gives banks with already implemented Model-based Loan Loss Provisioning System (not necessarily under IFRS, but any convergent-to-IFRS local accounting standards) the outstanding opportunity:
  1. to calculate Provision amount and Provision Rate at the highest efficiency level, thus providing the possibility to reduce these parameters significantly (instead of keeping the really needed Provision Amount roughly overestimated);
  2. to manage their Provision Rate dynamics;
  3. to manage the process of Loan Portfolio/assets effective augmentation;
  4. to manage the process of effective increase in earnings.
  • The upper-stated list is concise and doesn't reflect the whole spectrum of functionality and benefits - see RPM Presentation and Tutorial files on the home page of our website or request even more details using our contact form.
  • RPM could be easily integrated with the already implemented Loan Loss Provisioning System as its goal is to make this System much more effective. It works together with the core Provisioning System.
  • In respect to Loan Loss Provisioning, our products and services include effective methodologies and IT tools for calculation of statistical risk parameters used in Provisioning Models, devising and developing databases with effective performance and reliable data storage etc. We could be decisively involved even in analytical and technical issues of the whole Provisioning System construction upon bank's request.